Operations: Web UI Updates & Dropdown / Filter Enhancements


We have made a number of updates to dropdowns and filters to enhance ease of use and eliminate additional navigation throughout different areas of the platform.  Updates have also been made to enhance load times and general performance.

Right Click On Unassigned Trips

Inside of the Unassigned Trips section at the bottom of the Flight Schedule, we have introduced right click functionality. By right clicking on the trip, you now have additional options to View Trip Detail, Edit, or Delete, streamlining the process to manage Unassigned Trips.

Tail Number Visibility

The Aircraft Tail Number has been added to the slide-out header for Work Orders, Trips & Holds, allowing users to easily identify the Tail Number for an activity when there are multiple activities on the Flight Schedule.

Unassign From Slideouts

From the menu on the Slide-Out for Trips and Holds, users now have an option to Unassign a Trip or Hold, which will then move to the Unassigned Panel at the bottom of the Flight Schedule.

Filter Multi-Select Enhancements

On a number of the Filters, we have upgraded a number of fields to a “Pill-Selector” to make the ability to multi-select a better experience for the user. This change has been made to the following areas:

  • The Crew Members selection inside of the Aircraft Activity Filter.
  • The Crew Members selection inside of the Flight Logs Filter.
  • The Personnel Groups Edit inside of the People area of the System Settings.