Operations: Updates to Mobile Flight Logs, Workflow Enhancements & Sorting

We’ve made a number of enhancements to the Electronic Flight Log to provide better information to crew members and make the flight log process easier and more consistent. The result is a decrease in lag time between the completion of a flight and when the pilot submits their flight log, ultimately improving the visibility and accuracy of data for flight ops managers.

Mobile – Add Flight Log Actions to the Aircraft Activity feed

Flight log actions will now appear in the activity tabs for mobile Trips and Holds, to match the activity feed on the Web.

Mobile – Hold Workflow Enhancements

The UI and workflow of the Hold assignment page on Mobile has been updated with several new features:

The Aircraft Status row displays additional information about the assigned Aircraft

  • Make and Model
  • Serial Number
  • Maintenance Status

Tapping this row will bring you to an updated Aircraft Status view. This includes the Maintenance and Work Completed tabs that were previously visible only during the Sign Out process. It also includes a new Flight History tab showing the chronological Flight Log history for this Aircraft.

The new Sign Out and Sign In widget makes it clearer that an Aircraft can be Signed Out and Signed In multiple times for one Hold. The full history of Sign Out and Sign In is still available in the Activity tab.

When a Flight Log is started for this Hold, it will appear as a new row labeled Flight in Progress to provide quick access to the current Flight Log and a reminder that it has not yet been submitted.

When Signing Out the Aircraft for a Hold, the user will be prompted to start a new Flight Log to record the flight.

The Flight Log will be created and displayed as the Flight in Progress without leaving the Hold assignment page. The following fields will be pre-filled:

  • Origin – from Hold origin or previous Flight Log’s destination
  • Destination – from Hold destination
  • Out time – from the current date and time
  • Hobbs Start – from the previously submitted Flight Log
  • Tach Start – from the previously submitted Flight Log
  • Flight Log Number

When Signing In the Aircraft for a Hold, the user will be prompted to view and complete the in-progress Flight Log if it has not already been submitted.

Web – Flight Log Lists Sort by Created Date when Flight Date Missing

To improve sorting consistency, Flight Logs without a Flight Date (Out time) will be sorted by their Creation date, with most recently created Flight Logs first.