Operations: New Top-Level Module for Operations Report


We have introduced a new top-level module for Reports in Operations. Found within the Operations Navigation Menu, users will now have the ability to export a number of reports in both XLS and PDF format as needed. We will continue to add new reports to this section as they are developed.

Current Reports

  • Account List Report – Exports all Account Detail fields
  • Aircraft Activity List Report – Exports all Aircraft fleet Activities
  • Aircraft List Report – Exports all fleet detail fields
  • Flight Logs List Report – Exports fleet Flight Logs
  • Passengers List Report – Exports all Passenger detail fields
  • Passenger Itinerary – Exports Important trip details related to the Passengers
  • Passenger Usage Report – Exports detailed Passenger travel information
  • Personnel Flight Times Report – Exports all detailed Flight Times
  • Trip Sheet Report – Exports Important trip logistics for the Pilots

Export Aircraft List