Operations: Introducing New Top Level Airport Module


Introducing the new Airport module. This top-level module allows for a quick search via AC-U-KWIK, full management of your custom airports, and an easy way to create new custom airports/heliports from a central location. This module refers to airports that already have an ICAO, FAA, and/or IATA code as system managed airports. Custom airports are manually created by the user to their custom specifications.

Users can now filter directly down to time zones within a specific country, airport status, and by the type of airport (custom, system managed, or both).

Custom airports can now be created from the new Airports Module, along with the option to be created while building a trip via the quick create feature there.

Easily identify which airports are custom and which ones are system managed at a glance with the lock icon. System managed airports are identified with the lock icon in list view, while the custom airports do not.

System managed and custom airports identify the preferred code with a green check. System managed airports assign the preferred code in the following order: ICAO -> FAA -> IATA.

From the list view, you can quickly identify the type of airport code by hovering the cursor over the Preferred Code value, activating the hover text that will then tell the user if the code is an ICAO, FAA, IATA, or Custom Code.

Custom airport codes will always be the default for the preferred value in the code field.

System managed airports will have links to AirNav and Google maps next to the Airport Identification and Location headers, respectively.