Making the Move to Flightdocs Is Easy

Flightdocs calls its onboarding process “Easy Enroll” for a reason. Aside from exporting data, customers enjoy a hands-off program migration while Flightdocs does thorough reviews for quality assurance and program optimization.

Transitioning to Flightdocs is Simple

Smooth Transition

From start to finish, customers enjoy a smooth program migration while Flightdocs’ Enrollment Team handles the heavy lifting, completing thorough reviews for quality assurance and program optimization.

AD/SB Monitoring

Flightdocs applies applicable ADs and SBs during the onboarding process, so when you go live, your aircraft is up-to-date. We monitor ADs and SBs long after the onboarding process in order to proactively apply maintenance schedule revisions and create links to the latest reference materials.

Maintenance Compliance

When customers complete maintenance on their aircraft during the onboarding process, they simply send the completed work cards to Flightdocs for input. The Flightdocs team also continues to process compliance updates as needed, after onboarding is complete.

The Chapter 4/5 Check

Flightdocs performs what it calls a full “4/5” check of each new customer’s aircraft maintenance program and data. This means that Flightdocs’ Enrollment team implements the recommended maintenance intervals from the manufacturer’s maintenance manual in each client’s aircraft profile. This process ensures only ‘good’ data is loaded to the Flightdocs system, thereby eliminating errors from previous providers, and assuring accurate maintenance tracking and compliance.

Easy Enroll Process


We start at a high level – by doing a needs analysis and reviewing the entire enrollment process with you.


We then extract and collect your aircraft maintenance and inventory data, creating a mirror image.


Next, we use that mirror image of your data, clean it up and import it to Flightdocs’ secure database for review and analysis.


Once imported into Flightdocs, we confirm aircraft configuration and airworthiness requirements are accurate and update as needed.


Access to the data is granted to clients in better shape than when it is received, using the “4/5” check, and is ready to use.

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