New Flightdocs operations product offers end-to-end management for helicopter operators

Flightdocs (Heli-Expo 2019 Booth #B3228) — a provider of aviation software solutions — announced its new platform, Flightdocs Operations. 100 percent cloud based, Flightdocs Operations utilizes the latest in web and mobile technology to deliver a modern, intuitive and powerful platform to manage every aspect of a helicopter flight operation.

Flightdocs Operations is a 100 percent cloud based system.

Since the release of Flightdocs HMX — which is geared towards maintenance and inventory management — in 2017, Flightdocs has seen over 200 percent growth in the rotor segment of the market. The HMX platform has given operators the technology they need to go completely paperless, and has drastically improved performance, accuracy and timeliness of the system.

“We’re using technology to solve real business problems in helicopter flight departments of all shapes and sizes — limited operational visibility, broken communication, and disjointed data flows to name a few,” explains Flightdocs president Greg Heine. “There was a serious need in the market for a modern flight operations platform that was fully integrated with maintenance and supply chain. We’re extremely excited about the launch of Flightdocs Operations because it fills that void, and provides one platform to literally do it all, from end to end.”

The core of the Flightdocs Operations platform is focused on the key functions of flight scheduling, crew and passenger management, trip planning, expenses and much more. Fully compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) AC 120-78A and international equivalents, Flightdocs allows users to eliminate paper completely, from both its operations and maintenance departments.

The main focus of Flightdocs Operations is flight scheduling, crew and passenger management, trip planning and expenses.

In addition to the web-based version, Operations delivers native mobile applications for iPad and iPhone into the hands of the crew, which function both while connected and offline. “Mobile was a critical component for us.” Said Kent Pickard, vice president of product development. “We’ve created a truly unique mobile experience for pilots. Instant crew briefings, up-to-date maintenance information, fully customizable flight logs and real-time communication with home base.”

The platform also features a secure, encrypted messaging platform called FD Connect, which allows crew, maintenance and scheduling to communicate in real time via web or mobile device. With in-app notifications, trip “watching” capabilities, and real-time status updates, the number of emails, text messages and phone calls around a trip are expected to go down drastically. In addition, the flow of maintenance and operational data inside of one platform will eliminate duplication of work, data errors, and lag time for critical information.


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