Maintenance Overview

Product Features for Flightdocs Enterprise and Flightdocs HMX

Take control of your entire fleet with the Flightdocs Enterprise solution for fixed-wing aircraft from turboprops to jets, and the Flightdocs HMX solution for helicopters.

Manage multiple aircraft, access detailed reports, perform powerful actions, and schedule your operations – all from this single, dynamic and easy-to-use dashboard.

Flightdocs has added features with its recently revamped, tech-forward aircraft maintenance solutions, including compliance, cost projections, work orders, logbook and, most recently, fully integrated inventory and asset management tools to help reduce redundant processes in your flight department.

Additionally, Flightdocs supports electronic signatures and real-time updating, complemented by 24/7 telephone customer support, and instant access to your data from anywhere in the world.

See Enterprise and HMX solution details below.

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Maintenance Due List

Maintenance Tracking

Simple. Powerful. Accurate.

The Maintenance Tracking Dashboard allows users to check the status of fleet or maintenance items, and take quick actions on reporting and updating maintenance events. The high-level Maintenance Information Center is an intuitive, clean and quick one-stop shop to access and track your operational information. Or, drill down to the most commonly used area of the system, the “Due List,” to always stay on task.

Highly visual dashboards, complete with color-coded status indicators, deliver key data in a single, comprehensive view. The design and presentation of data in this Maintenance Tracking solution simplifies your experience, minimizes learning curves for your team and drastically increases efficiency during daily use.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Component Tracking Made Easy

The Inventory Control Dashboard delivers everything you need to manage the movement of parts throughout your operation. Flightdocs listened to customer feedback regarding avionics inventory systems historically being complex and difficult to navigate, and streamlined the experience in the Enterprise and HMX solutions.

The Item Catalog is the core of the Inventory Control platform, making it is easy to monitor key inventory information such as expirations, low-stock alerts, urgent requests and delivery shipment statuses. A simple search bar makes it easy to find items by part number, serial number or item description.

In the Actions area, easily add new inventory; open a purchase order; scan a barcode or QR code to eliminate manual steps and improve accuracy; see when an item is received, its cost, usage and expiration; upload a visual image; create shipping and repair orders; and more.

Flightdocs records every transaction and tracks the complete lifecycle of components. Key data, such as TSN and TSO metrics, is automatically calculated as parts move on and off aircraft, and all associated documents remain easily accessible. And, of course, Inventory Control is fully integrated with the Maintenance Tracking Dashboard, so that all values auto-populate.

Custom Equipment Management (CEM) greatly simplifies the process of moving engines and major components on and off your aircraft. With virtually no data entry, this tool dramatically increases efficiency and reduces errors.

Work Orders

Work Orders

Optimized Planning and Maintenance Control

Built to give you a high-level snapshot of any maintenance event, from a single weekly inspection to a major C check, the Work Order Dashboard provides quick navigation and filtering to see real-time progress. It’s the perfect tool to manage the planning, execution and recording of all your maintenance, inventory and workforce information.

Work Orders is now fully integrated with Inventory Control. This upgrade optimizes planning and provides complete maintenance control. Taking full advantage of the integration, you can build reusable parts lists for maintenance items and allocate them directly from Inventory to a Work Order line item. During compliance updates, easily process component installs and link parts directly to maintenance items.

You can also view estimated and actual work hours at the line-item level to produce reports based on labor, part and additional cost projections, or send Work Order data to third-party platforms using our web-based developer API.

The Work Orders Dashboard makes updating, signing and reviewing completed work easier than ever. Use the custom workflow flags to manage processes and communicate with team members. Transfer data directly from a Work Order to an eLogbook and save time, reduce duplicated work and eliminate data errors.



Simplified and Secure

eLogbooks™ delivers advanced controls, a streamlined workflow, and industry standards for the backup and uncompromising security of your maintenance records.

A major component of the electronic compliance process, eLogbooks allows you to create logbook entries with ease, eliminate duplication of work, reduce errors and achieve considerable time savings.

You can drag and drop work completed into a logbook entry, electronically and securely sign the entry by using Fd | eSignature™, archive and print a hard copy all in less than a minute.

eLogbooks™ now includes a cleaner design for printed logbook entries, a wider variety of standard print formats and customizable print preferences. The ability to export to multiple third-party formats, including Adobe® PDF and Microsoft® Word™, gives you the flexibility to completely customize the look and feel of your logbooks. Geographically dispersed backups keep your records backed up and available at all times.

Non-Routine Maintenance

Non-Routine Maintenance

Discrepancy, MEL, NEF & CDL Tracking

Whether on the hangar floor or in the air, report, track and correct Discrepancies, MELs, NEFs, CDLs and Watch List Items as they happen, with the Non-Routine Maintenance Dashboard.

This module is a real-time, fully electronic solution that can eliminate paper write-ups and increase future aircraft reliability and up-time.

Using Flightdocs Mobile, maintenance or crew members instantly can report and notify team members of Non-Routine Maintenance events in real time, via in-app notifications or by email. Maintenance items can easily be corrected and signed off, or deferred.

Items deferred using the MEL or NEF will automatically be added to the aircraft “Due List” projections and can be moved to a Work Order for scheduled completion with ease.

Non-Routine items can capture critical information such as ATA code, related maintenance items, effect on departure and much more. Customized reporting facilitates researching information for troubleshooting, or for compiling accurate reliability data for your fleet.



Fully integrated with the Inventory Dashboard, the Purchasing platform streamlines your procurement process, enhances traceability and reports key financial data for your operation.

A birds-eye dashboard includes categories of expired and expiring items, open POs, low stock, open repair orders, items out for repair, and open or past due requests. One simple click into any of these categories brings you to hone in on the details for further review.

Purchasing contains modules for Parts Requests, Purchase Orders, Repair Orders and Shipping Orders, which are all integrated with Inventory and accessible from both the web and mobile applications.

Parts Requests give technicians a quick way to obtain parts from Inventory in real time. Users can easily convert requests into a PO and send to vendors for purchase. Integrations with FedEx®, UPS® and DHL® give you real-time insight into the status of your delivery.

The Mobile App speeds up the receiving process by allowing you to quickly enter items into Inventory through open purchase orders, assign barcodes and snap pictures of documentation to attach directly to Inventory items.

Once items are part of Inventory, Repair Orders and Shipping Orders provide documentation and traceability for rotables, as they are shipped out for repair or to other locations.



Sign. Update. Done.

The fully electronic workflow is made possible through the use of Flightdocs’ Fd | eSignature™, which will significantly streamline your compliance process.

Originally available in 2011, the Flightdocs eSignature was the first electronic signature available that was fully compliant with FAA Advisory Circular 120-78A. Since then, hundreds of flight departments around the world have implemented eSignature in their organizations.

With the updated Flightdocs eSignature™, we have enhanced the capabilities of electronically signing documents and streamlined the process of applying both single and dual signatures on different types of maintenance items.

Whether signing scheduled tasks, non-routine maintenance items or completed logbook entries, eSignature will greatly reduce the time needed to record, update, sign off and create documentation throughout your compliance processes.

With the versioning capabilities of Enterprise, you now have an easy way to view an audit trail of all signed documentation and all associated edits or corrections made throughout the completion process.

This ensures accuracy and integrity throughout your records.

Flight Management

Flight Management

Enhance communication between your flight crew and maintenance team before, during or after trips. Give your pilots instant access to view and update critical maintenance data, on their iPad from anywhere in the world.

The Flightdocs Pilot Dash™ provides a streamlined view of critical maintenance data before, during and after flight. From this intuitive dashboard, you can view the status of scheduled maintenance, and the details of any non-routine maintenance items, along with custom reports.

Built into the Dashboard, the Ramp Check Report allows you to easily tag and pull up the status of maintenance items in just one tap. This is perfect for delivering maintenance compliance information to the FAA or any other international authority.

The Pilot Dash™ can also be used to update information such as the aircraft times, or to report a new discrepancy. Integrated with the Non-Routine Maintenance Dashboard and FAA-compliant eSignature, the crew can eliminate paper forms on pilot-reported squawks.

Custom user permissions help ensure data integrity, and act as a safeguard for unauthorized access to other modules within Flightdocs.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

On the road or in the hangar, our Mobile Apps are designed to provide secure and reliable access to your data and up-to-date information from anywhere in the world.

In the last five years, flight departments and major carriers world-wide have invested heavily in mobile technology and apps that maximize operational efficiency, considerably cutting costs and reducing error margins.

Flightdocs has been a leader in mobile aviation solutions, particularly in the maintenance and inventory markets. We continue to invent new technologies and features to bring you the best possible mobile experience available.

Mobile App provides quick access to key information for maintenance, inventory and operations through mobile dashboards and fully digital workflows.

You will experience the benefits immediately – reduction of paperwork, elimination of duplicate tasks and a faster process to access, update and sign off records in real time.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Great technology backed by industry-leading customer support is what truly sets Flightdocs apart. Since day one, Flightdocs has been committed to providing top-notch customer service, around the clock.

Flightdocs is backed by an analyst team that is 100% U.S.-based and available 24 / 7 / 365. We understand the demands of our customers and the industry. This is why you will always reach a live analyst – no answering services, no voicemails and no excuses.

We are the only maintenance tracking provider with this level of customer support. We continually listen to your feedback and always look for ways to enhance the services we provide to our customers year after year.

When you sign on with Flightdocs, you will have an entire team of aviation specialists available to assist you at any time. We monitor ADs and SBs, apply maintenance schedule revisions, create links to the latest reference materials and process compliance updates as needed.

Our customers consistently rate Flightdocs with the best customer service in the industry and we continue to enhance the services we provide to operators worldwide.

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Data Security

Data Security

Keeping your records fully secure and accessible at all times is our highest priority. Continual investment in our infrastructure and monitoring ensure that your data is protected at all times.

The Flightdocs infrastructure was architected to ensure the highest levels of security, backups and accessibility for our customers.

Our customer data is housed in strategically located, SSAE16 certified data centers, with 24/7 security and backup power generation. The data is geo-replicated and stored in multiple locations, with instant fail-overs in place in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophe.

Full time, continuous monitoring and the latest in intrusion prevention hardware and software is used to maintain the security of your data. Regular database snapshots are taken and can be used to reset your database to a previous state if needed.

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Developer API

Developer API

Our comprehensive Enterprise API brings your business countless options and the power to safely, seamlessly and deeply integrate any number of our services with third-party applications.

Easily extend the power of Flightdocs. We provide all of the technology to connect to other platforms through our advanced web-based application programming interface or API.

The Flightdocs API can be used to open and maintain a completely secure connection between Flightdocs and third-party platforms. Flight scheduling and accounting are two common integrations many businesses need.

The API creates a secure, encrypted connection to transfer data to and from the Flightdocs system. This type of tight integration provides more accurate information, drastically reduces data entry errors and virtually eliminates any manual transfer of critical data between systems.

The Flightdocs API is fully documented and our industry-leading customer service will help you with all cross-platform needs.

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Product Training

Product Training

The design and presentation of data Flighdocs Enterprise and Flightdocs HMX is so intuitive that it simplifies flight departments’ experience, minimizes learning curves and drastically increases efficiency during daily use.

Many operations report that it takes less than an hour to start using the system and feel comfortable with it. And, when in doubt, the Flightdocs U.S.-based team is there to support end users, step by step, 24/7.

In fact, it’s Flightdocs’ quest to answer each and every incoming call within two rings.

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Analyst Support

100% US Based Support. 24/7/365

No voicemails, no answering services. Real people, all the time. Technology is one piece of the puzzle. Our analyst team supports you with same day updates, AD/SB monitoring, maintenance schedule revisions, and keeps your task card library up to date. Flightdocs delivers the highest customer satisfication in the industry, year after year.

Make the Move

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Making the move to Flightdocs Enterprise or HMX is easy. Our Enrollments Team will manage the extraction, migration and a review of your maintenance and inventory data.

We start by obtaining your current aircraft and inventory data and reviewing the enrollment process with you. Once the enrollment process is initiated, we run an import process to move the data to the Flightdocs database, creating a mirror image of your aircraft and inventory data on Flightdocs.

Our Enrollment Analysts will perform an aircraft review, confirming the configuration and airworthiness requirements are accurate and in accordance with the latest revisions of OEM maintenance manuals and local authorities.

Your only regret will be not calling us sooner. 1-800-747-4560.

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