Kari Van Winkle

Director of Maintenance

Wing Aviation

Kari Van Winkle is the Director of Maintenance for Wing Aviation. With over 30 years of experience in aviation maintenance, Kari has experienced the full range of workflow technologies, from the days of paper and Excel spreadsheets to the modern software solutions of today.

Today, depending on the age, an aircraft can come with hundreds of pounds of physical paperwork. This makes ensuring the aircraft meets airworthiness standards a tedious process of thumbing through paper logbooks and work order packages.  Kari sought to eliminate this issue when presented with modern technological alternatives. A paperless solution seemed to be the best course of action, so Kari capitalized on this and took action.

Now, utilizing electronic recordkeeping methods, Kari is able to keep her operation working at optimum efficiency. Her leadership and initiative have created an environment in which efficient time management, accuracy and effectiveness are at the forefront.

In addition, Kari has leveraged the full breadth of available technological capabilities from electronic signatures to the utilization of mobile apps. Wing currently has 3 aircraft that are operated completely paperless from cockpit to hangar.

Currently managing a fleet of 27 aircraft, Wing Aviation is the largest charter and private jet service management companies in the Houston, Texas area, with plans to nearly double that number in the next few years. The Part 135 company fleet includes 12 different aircraft types, from single-engine turboprops to large cabin jets. Most aircraft are owned by private individuals and corporations who rely on Wing Aviation to handle flight, maintenance and charter tasks as efficiently and accurately as possible.