Flightdocs Introduces ‘Leaders in Innovation’ Series

BONITA SPRINGS, Florida, April 22, 2019 – Flightdocs, the leading provider of cloud-based aircraft maintenance tracking, inventory and flight operations management services, today unveiled its “Leaders in Innovation” series highlighting notable industry trailblazers. The series will focus on how aviation industry leaders leverage today’s technology to elevate their cutting-edge operations through unique technological solutions.

“Innovation is a key component of effective leadership,” said President Greg Heine. “Leaders always strive to do what is best for their operation through whatever means are most effective. It’s important to recognize those who are forward-thinking and tackle issues head on with unique and modern problem-solving methods.”

Beginning with Kari Van Winkle, Wing Aviation Director of Maintenance, the series will explore the important role of innovation through leadership. Utilizing modern maintenance tracking, inventory management and flight operations tools and techniques, industry forerunners such as Van Winkle are able to maximize effectiveness and manage time efficiently, bringing their operations into the 21st century.

“I have over 20 years of experience in aviation maintenance and, historically, it’s been paper-driven,” says Van Winkle. “Having our entire fleet on Flightdocs is an enormous step because it allows us as a management company to be able to manage a fleet efficiently. It doesn’t take as much time, whereas we would be going through logbooks for 27 different airplanes every morning to make certain that we’re on track. Now we can do it in a matter of minutes.”

The series will be available through their website at www.flightdocs.com, with leaders chosen based on their embodiment of the principles of innovation.

The Flightdocs Enterprise suite offers a comprehensive, fully-integrated solution for both fixed wing and rotorcraft flight departments’ maintenance tracking, inventory control and operations functions, allowing for seamless and real-time data access and communication between personnel, crew and departments. The company’s customers include Fortune 1000 corporate flight departments, air charters, air medical providers, fractional aircraft operators, government agencies, management companies and regional carriers. Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida, Flightdocs has been serving the aviation industry since 2003.