Past, Present, and Future

Flightdocs has been empowering aircraft operators through our comprehensive maintenance tracking software since 2003.

Founded in Long Island, New York, we have helped lead the rapid adoption of software technology in the aviation industry, and were the first maintenance tracking provider to offer a web-based solution, an iPad application, and fully compliant electronic sigature. Today, headquartered in beautiful Southwest Florida, Flightdocs is proud to support thousands of aircraft worldwide.

We’re proud of where we come from, but we’re even more excited as to where we’re going. Flightdocs is rapidly growing year-over-year, with increased product features, dedicated customer service, and partnerships with other thought-leaders in the industry.

Leadership Team

Frederick Heine, CEO Gregory Heine, COO Nicholas Barger, CTO

Rick Heine

Greg Heine

Nicholas Barger

Founder & CEO

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Rick launched Flightdocs in 2003, with the first, 100% web based aircraft maintenance tracking platform. With a strong focus on technology and customer support, Flightdocs quickly gained traction in the industry, and today supports over 4,500 aircraft worldwide.

“Over the last 5 years we’ve multiplied in size, but we continue to stick to our core strategies. Reinvestment back into our team and technology is critical in providing operators with industry leading customer support paired with the most powerful, easy to use platform on the market. We continue to set and exceed our own standards, and that’s what really sets us apart from our competition.”

Greg joined Flightdocs in 2009, and has been a part of all teams within the organization. Taking his experience in business management, customer service, marketing, and product development, Greg has been a key component in expanding the Flightdocs customer base, increasing customer satisfaction, and enhancing the products and services offered.

“The structure of our organization empowers our people to serve our customers at the highest level possible. We have our users in mind 100% of the time as we make strategic decisions around our product and services, which ultimately benefits our customers and their operations.

After several years developing products in the insurance, healthcare, and medical device industries, Nick joined Flightdocs in 2012. Leading a team of US based developers, Nick has set up a state of the art infrastructure and development process during the creation of the Flightdocs Enterprise Platform, and will continue to lead development for future products and features for our customers.

“Security, reliability, and usability are the focal points of our team. We are continuously working with customers to get feedback on their needs as operators. We analyze this information and pair it with the latest in production proven technology, to deliver a product that is easy to use, drives efficiency, and increases the operator's ROI.”

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