Solving Real-World Problems

At Flightdocs we develop, and regularly enhance, the advanced technology that runs the maintenance tracking, inventory management, and flight operations tools for flight departments across the globe. Our goal is to alleviate flight disrupters and add control and efficiency to the process, so flight departments can safely accept as many missions as possible.

Flightdocs is committed to solving the real-world business problems of fixed-wing and rotorcraft operations, by using a unique blend of innovative technology and impeccable customer support. We do this by listening to maintenance, procurement, operators and other aviation experts, and taking this feedback to the drawing board. The back-end infrastructure may be advanced, but the end user’s experience is flawless.

We Are Aviation

Flightdocs was introduced to the aviation industry in 2003 with the launch of Flightdocs 1.0 Maintenance Tracking software. The early adoption and success resulted in another version and then evolved in 2015 with the introduction of Flightdocs Enterprise. Enterprise is a fully functional and integrated maintenance tracking and inventory control solution that embraced modern technological architecture and was designed to grow and evolve with our customers and their needs. The first indication of this growth was the development of the rotorcraft specific version, HMX. The continued success and growth of Enterprise led our customers to ask for more, and Flightdocs answered with the launch of Flightdocs Operations in 2018.

Flightdocs Operations addresses the needs of a modern scheduling platform that is fully integrated with the maintenance department and allows for seamless communications between scheduling, maintenance, and crew, by leveraging technology and tools.

Today our clients include Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, air charters, air medical providers, fractional aircraft operators, government agencies and regional carriers.

Though competitors have come and gone, Flightdocs proudly evolves with the industry and with technology. That really speaks to its dedicated team filled with developers, managers, operations and sales staff who are pilots, A&P mechanics, military aviation technicians and aviation-trained professionals.

Executive Team


Rick Heine

Chairman, CEO

Greg Heine


April Stercula

Chief of Staff

Ray Brien

Chief Financial Officer

Kent Pickard

Chief Technology Officer

Philip Mazza

Chief Operating Officer

Karl Fischer

Chief Revenue Officer

Steve Tubbs

Vice President of Client Services

Industry Leaders


Greg Diognardi

Director of Client Services

John Koci

Client Services Manager

Lee Brewster

Director of Product Marketing

Sam Wilson

Client Services Manager

Research & Development

After three years and a large investment in dedicated R&D, Flightdocs received the CenturyLink Innovention Award for its Enterprise solution for fixed-wing aircraft, and HMX for helicopter operations:

An “innovative and creative technology solution [for an] industry-leading aircraft maintenance software platform.”

We’re not stopping there—and neither should you. We promise to stay cutting-edge, and have made an additional $10,000,000 strategic investment, to continue growth and keep up with the speed of technology.

A Refreshingly Positive Work Environment

If you, too, have a passion for aviation with a drive toward excellence and being the very best, consider joining the Flightdocs team.