A Testament to Technology and Putting the Customer Experience First

Featured in The Technology Headlines: https://www.thetechnologyheadlines.com/magazine/subscription/web/vol-5-issue-6-full-listing/Tech_Talk/Flightdocs/

Since 2003, Flightdocs has been addressing the technological needs of flight departments across the world. As an aviation focused SaaS company based out of Bonita Springs, Florida, we have dedicated ourselves to offering the most advanced technology available to keep flight departments operating at maximum efficiency. Our software, the Flightdocs Enterprise suite,provides an innovative, industry-best solution for aircraft maintenance tracking, inventory management and flight operations. Utilizing a unique blend of technology and exceptional customer service, Flightdocs provides ample support to keep operations running at maximum efficiency.

What elevates Flightdocs beyond the competition is our dedication to our customers. As a company,we pride ourselves on top-of-the-line customer service and advanced modern technology that serves to ensure the success of our operators. Our 24/7/365 customer service commitment coupled with our innovative features like Fd | Connect, Fd | eSignature, Pilot Dash and fully customizable Flight Logs keep Flightdocs at the technological forefront and able to offer an advanced modern solution for any operation. Our commitment to our customers is also evident in the structure of the product development team. 100% US based, the Flightdocs product development team is tightly connected with the customer base and industry.  This gives them the inside track to understand the needs of a modern flight department, and tailor new releases to deliver features that contain significant benefits to users.

The team approach and dynamic development capabilities have ensured that Flightdocs is uniquely equipped to handle many modern issues plaguing the aviation industry, ranging from inefficient communication to data security.Today more than ever, reliable and efficient communication is key to maintaining a steady workflow. Access to real-time data and crew communication are critical features of any operation and our technology ensures this access. With the latest release of Flightdocs Operations, the product delivers a new, powerful communication feature called Fd | Connect which leverages the power of a technology called SignalR.

Fd | Connect is a custom Flightdocs feature designed to streamline communication between teams, solving issues of miscommunication and keeping the entire operation in the know. Fd | Connect is a real-time, encrypted and secure messaging system. It eliminates the need for phone calls, text messages, email chains and text files by incorporating all communication between individuals and teams within the Flightdocs platform.It features in-app notifications to brief crews, accept or decline trips, advise on trip status and much more.

Additionally, Flightdocs has implemented SignalR technologies to ensure communication between departments retains real-time status. SignalR is a socket messaging library that allows for the server to send quick messages to the user’s browser or app in order to highlight a change. Now, without refreshing the screen, a new notification indicating that changes have been made to a trip will pop up instantly. This eliminates lag and misinformation regarding the status of specific data which is critical for ensuring tight and accurate communication between key personnel within the flight department. The application is proactive in “listening” for these changes and relaying them accordingly.

Within aviation, data security and accessibility is paramount, and stays at the forefront of every development initiative.  Flightdocs Enterprise is a highly secure platform, hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS), in geo-redundant, US based, SSAE18 data centers, with state-of-the-art physical and cyber security and continuous monitoring, ensuring a 99.99% up-time for all customers.  The investment in security and accessibility also means keeping up with the latest in protection against SQL injections, XSS vulnerabilities, and other common exploits.

Today, technology is evolving faster than ever, and software has become a key component of every flight department.  As we continue to grow, we continue to reinvest back into our technology, infrastructure and security.  While we rely heavily on technology, and our core product is a software platform, our connection to our customers is key, and cannot be substituted.  Our constant interaction allows us to understand their needs and goals and drives the ideas and concepts around new development. With a continuous, agile development methodology, we use this knowledge to iterate on new features and functionality, and deliver the premier software solution for every flight department’s needs.